Our portfolio comprises of award-winning whiskies made across our distilleries in Scotland, including several of the world’s most prestigious whisky brands.

Is at the apex of single malt whisky, and has been an icon of British luxury for over 150 years. The Dalmore today sit at the pinnacle of single malt whisky.

Is an award winning premium and super premium brand of single malt whisky that comes from a tiny isle devoted to single malt. It is currently the no.1 Single Malt in the UK.

Is a uniquely refined single malt Scotch whisky positioned in the super premium segment of the single malt Scotch whisky category. Opened in 1824, it is one of the very first distilleries in Scotland to obtain a license for Scotch whisky distillation.

Is a brand of single malt Scotch whisky known for its double cask maturation process and is from Speyside, one of the most celebrated whisky-producing regions in Scotland. It is the fastest growing single malt today.

Is a blended Scotch whisky known for its unique triple maturation process which results in a smoother, richer taste. It is currently the 3rd largest blended whisky in the UK by value.


The brandy segment of Emperador Inc,. showcase a diverse selection of products made both in the Philippines and in the bodegas of Spain.

Emperador Brandy’s intricate blending and aging process has resulted in a product that is distinctly world class. The brand has earned its place as the world’s best selling brandy, whose growth is fueled by its strong innovation and its unparalleled product quality. Emperador’s footprint has since expanded globally as it embarks on its next growth frontier – the rest of the world.

Fundador is Spain’s largest and oldest brandy, with roots dating back to the 1700s. These are brandies that have matured in a solera system in the Jerez de la Frontera area of Andalusia, Spain. An excellent show of craftsmanship, the Fundador Supremo range has been recognized worldwide for its unmatched quality – in fact, the Fundador Supremo 18 was awarded as the Best Brandy in the World by the IWSC in 2019.

The history of Terry dates back almost five centuries ago. Today, Terry Centenario is Spain’s best selling brandy. Terry continues to enjoy renowned prestige, within and beyond our borders, positioning itself as one of the most important spirits and the perfect ally for coffee.

Presidente Brandy is produced from a blend of the best grapes in Mexico’s Hermosillo region. Its mild, fruity aroma has slight hints of vanilla and caramel is smooth on the palate and makes for a versatile drink – it can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a cocktail.

Known as Mexico’s leading premium spirit, Don Pedro is a quality brandy made with selected reserves aged in white oak barrels using the traditional Jerezano process.

Considered ‘the definitive masterpiece” of Pedro Domecq, Azteca de Oro is a Mexican Brandy in a rich, golden color. Its complex blend of tasting notes and use of delicate bouquets lends elegance and sophistication to any occasion.


Emperador Inc. strives to adapt to a consistently changing market by creating new and innovative products to pique consumer interest, and grow its audience.

A refreshing and flavorful drinking experience made So Nice with ultralight alcohol, the ideal drink for those who prefer a lighter drink at an affordable price.

The Bar is the drink of the youth. Its portfolio is a great show of drink innovation, showcasing a variety of products with friendly flavors – a great go-to for drinkers of the new generation.

Bringing the best of Philippine archipelago together, Zabana Rum showcases locally sourced ingredients and processes perfected by Filipino master blenders over the decades.

Inspired by the world-renowned Moscow Mule cocktail, Smirnoff Mule is a ready-to-drink premium blend of Smirnoff Vodka, ginger beer and lime. Great for new drinkers – the perfect beverage for the young and adventurous.