The Dalmore’s New 12 Year Old Whisky Blend Boasts Sherry Cask Finish

February 5, 2021

Richard Paterson, master distiller of revered highland single malt whisky brand The Dalmore, adds another gem to their lauded Principal Collection—all for the love of sherry.

The Dalmore’s Principal Collection just welcomed another iconic addition that highlights the elegant evolution and refined craftsmanship of its storied distillery. The Dalmore is celebrating its inextricable affinity with sherry as it presents The Dalmore 12 Year Old Sherry Cask Select. This newest blend is an exquisite union of the finest oak casks seasoned with a unique blend of rare and aged sherry.

Master distiller Richard Paterson selected three cooperage partners for this creation, all hailed from Andalucia, Spain. The bodegas namely, Tevasa, Vasyma, and Paez, curated the perfect oak casks and created a bespoke sherry blend with Paterson to season the casks and realise the exact flavour profile for the whisky.

“The Dalmore 12 Year Old Sherry Cask Select is elegance personified and an excellent addition to our Principal Collection. Its full finish in oloroso and Pedro Ximénez sherry casks reveals a more floral, light and refined side to The Dalmore. It is a truly decadent whisky which celebrates the deep-rooted alliances with our cooperage partners to source the most exquisite casks and showcase the depth of The Dalmore’s character,” Paterson shares.

Master Distiller Richard Paterson

The Dalmore 12 Year Old Sherry Cask Select begins its life in American white oak ex-bourbon casks where it spends ten years maturing.

Meanwhile, the European and American oaks are selected precisely for their active, extractive qualities, and crafted into casks. A bespoke sherry blend of aged oloroso and Pedro Ximénez sherry is crafted by the cooperage partners, and further customised seasoning and filling for a full finish of up to three years.

The result is an assemblage of sherry cask finishes, each gifting layers of sherry and oak influence for a sweet fruit and decadent spice drinking experience.

On the nose, the elegant single malt blend reveals fragrant notes of caramelised orange, rich ginger, and sultanas (a grape variety), laced with honey. On the palate, the taste of dark chocolate (which is unique to The Dalmore whiskies) is combined with notes of freshly crushed almonds and a dusting of cinnamon. Influences of the sweet Pedro Ximénez sherry caps off the experience, gifting hints of sweet mangoes, panna cotta, and lemon sponge cake.

“It is the exceptional maturation process for this bottling that ensures that this whisky embodies the essence of The Dalmore’s house style, while exemplifying the influence of sherry for a more complex, elegant and refined drinking experience,” says the acclaimed distillery in a statement.

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