Decades No.6 Collection sold at Sotheby’s for 1.12 million USD

October 8, 2021

MILLION DOLLAR WHISKY Decades No. 6 Collection

Last month, The Dalmore, through its master distiller Richard Paterson, unveiled a series of six single malts to mark the luxury whisky brand’s 180-year-strong legacy.

The Decades No. 6 Collection consists of six decanters, particularly the 1951, 1967, 1979, 1980, 1995, and 2000, all curated by the pioneer in the art of cask curation. In six decades, Richard oversaw an inventory of ultra-rare whiskies, aging them in the finest casks sourced from all over the world.

Last year, the Dalmore set record at Sotheby’s auction having sold two bottles of their incredibly rare 62-year-old whiskies for £266,200 ($360,000 or ₱16M at the time) each. Breaking their own record, the one and only set of the Decades No. 6 Collection was sold today at Sotheby’s for 8,750,000 HKD ($1.12M, roughly ₱56.5M).

Part of the sale will be donated to design museum V&A Dundee, the first V&A museum outside of London. In a world-first collaboration, the fastest-growing luxury single malt whisky is working with design museums to champion and nurture creative talent.

THE BEST OF THE BEST A bottle of The Dalmore 1951, Richard Paterson, and V&A Dundee Soctland, Hufton Crow

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