2019’s Best Brandy In The World Is Filipino-Owned

August 23, 2019

The now Filipino run Fundador brand has won the prestigious title of Best Brandy In The World 2019!

The Tan Family’s Fundador brandy set the bar high. It was specifically Fundador’s Sumpremo 18 that had beat-out its competitors and impressed the International Wine and Spirits Competition’s connoisseurs. The IWC was founded in 1969 and is comprised of the worlds foremost experts in brandy tasting.

“It is a testament to the fact that Fundador is truly the world’s best tasting brandy. Fundador founded the brandy in Jerez, Spain. It uses sherry oak casks which are only grown and found in Jerez. These casks have also held the secret behind the world’s best-tasting whiskies. The liquid perfectly absorbs the aroma of the aged sherry oak casks, which eventually creates that unique, exquisite taste. That alone makes it deserving of such a prestigious distinction” shares Kevin Tan, CEO of Alliance Global International.

The Brand’s Development

Over hundreds of years, the Fundador name has grown to develop a strong reputation of quality and is very well respected around the globe. They are in fact Spain’s oldest brandy house, with its origins dating back to 1730. In 2017 the company was taken-over by Filipino liquor group Emperador which is run by the industrious Tan family of Alliance Global International. This muliti-billion euro acquisition cemented Emperador’s place as the largest brandy producers in the world.

Kevin shares that “it’s always a challenge how to innovate our product, and at the same time, preserve the heritage of the world’s oldest Spanish brandy intact. More importantly, we embrace a great sense of pride in knowing that the oldest and biggest Spanish brandy is now owned by a Filipino team.”

Tasting Notes

Fundador Supremo 18 is carefully aged in oloroso sherry casks which develop aromatic warm, round notes of dried fruit and roasted nuts combined with smooth, strong, intensive hints of vanilla. Its woody notes provide an elegant and lingering finish with every sip. These unique sherry casks are found and used only in southern Spain, in the Jerez region, where 95% of Spanish brandy is produced.

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